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Making a mess since 2013.

I love you.

Upcoming/Current Projects

May 29 @ 3 Kings

SCREW TOOTH + Of Earth and Sun
check out the event page HERE

Stay tuned...

LOTS in store for Summer 2015
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Past Projects

an Exploded Art Exhibition featuring the work of Sam Rictus & Nils Bertho

International Collective Art Book in anaglyph 3D

Screw Tooth Show #1

Slug Tooth [Pile #1]: Butterfly Teeth + Hospital Meat
Collective Art Book

'til Death
a Play about the beauty & tragedy of human connection, and the strangeness of the human beast.

Screw Tooth
Music written and performed by Adam Stone.

Prophetia Vetitum Mundi
a Screw Tooth installation.

Gold Licker - "Yurei Cafe"
Music for a Japanese Horror theme restaurant.

Screw Tooth

Denver, CO

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